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"I would just like to thank all the staff for all their help, advice and support I have been given over the my past 6 months stay here. I have been fully supported throughout, and I'm truly grateful for the opportunity I have been give to turn my life around on my new journey into sobriety. I am privileged to have done my treatment here, being with like minded people, and making some really good friends. Overall a once in a lifetime experience that I will not forget." CDR - Service User

My Gift To You
What was my life like before Shardale? Well sit down, get comfy I’ll tell you a tale, I’m now 45 and have 5 children in tow, And the places I’ve been you would not want to go. So just be real sure when you pick up that drink, Please put it back down and have a long think.........Read The Whole Poem

"Though I have only been in Shardale a few weeks you get the feeling of belonging, friendship and security from both the staff and fellow residents. With knowledge comes power, the knowledge gained is of what alcohol dependency is, this gives you the power of choosing not to drink. Though there are restrictions on residents, none are unnecessary and are completely understandable. Lastly, your stay is not a time to be endured but a time to be enjoyed" CDR - Service User

"I’ve been in day care at Shardale for 5 weeks; it has given me the feeling of belonging, security and is also helping me to gain my confidence back. The staff are so welcoming, caring and helpful, I have never felt judged by them. Shardale has not only helped me find myself again, it has also helped me to bond with my children again. It has helped me realise the affects of what alcohol dependency actually does to your life" C.M - Service User

"I came hear because my life had become a living hell and, as a life, was not worth living. What I want now is to obtain inner peace, fulfilment, enjoyment of life, to know who I am, to have relationships that work, to see an end to the misery of mental and emotional suffering, and at last, to love and be loved." John - Service User

"You came to me when I was young, I would hide you so my girlfriend couldn’t find you, You were my friend, you were my comfort. After a while she did find you, but you were already in me. This went on for quite a while, which I ended up picking you, as you were closer to me than my girlfriend. Time went on; I had, and still have, a beautiful daughter called Shannon.This is when I realised that I had to let you go, I’ve come into Rehab to sort my life out so my daughter can have a sober Dad, and a happy family. So its time to say goodbye – Toxic Shame" Justin - Service User

"I had a dream I had a goal, You came along and took it all. My self esteem, my pride my joy, My little girl, my baby boy. I don’t know when, I don’t know why, I crossed that line, id start to cry. I'd sit alone, my private hell, These four walls became my cell. It took me time, in fact years, To put you down and face my fears. No longer trapped inside my cell, I finally left my private hell !!!" Steven - Service User

"You came into my life when I was vulnerable, lonely and scared. At first you reassured me, accompanied and eased me. But as time went on, you started to make me talk and hang around with people that I thought were my friends. But they were just a wolf in sheep’s clothing. They started to use me and abuse me, which was you. They took my money, and you, off me. But I always found you again. I don’t know why, but after many more drinks, bruises, cuts and lies, I knew why I was addicted to you. I could see that now and planned to defriend you. After what you did to me it should have been easy, it wasn’t to be so. After many attempts you were still in my head, you went as far as nearly killing me by making me take tablets that didn’t agree with me. You driving my car on the motorway, making me stop and get out, and getting hit by two cars and landing in hospital. So enough is enough You’re dead to me you B*****d goodbye" Toxic Shame Kirsten - Service User

"Bubbles that rock a racing mind to sleep. Poison that sedates the ache in my heart, and the everlasting presence that contaminates my soul. You are the Silent Seducer, the deadly shadow that stalks! How you lie and give false hope, Like a Black Widow spider you enticed me into your web, Tangled and alone, you fed on me, and injected me with, Fear. Your tantalising aroma engulfed me, and kept me from breaking away. Trapped in a bottle, like a ship you had smashed so I could breathe. Now I inhale the Oxygen of Life. In place of you I have Hope, a Freedom and Future. Life is to be embraced….and not to be endured!!"The Silent Seducer Anonymous Service User

"You are a draining presence that feeds on my vulnerability. You stole my childhood and poisoned my thinking. All my morals you sucked away and replaced them with darkness. All my life you’ve been around, hovering, and waiting to feed on my pain. You’re deceptive promises and false security you gave me was a lie.......Leo - Service User Read The Whole Poem

"You came upon me and I thought you were my friend. You gave me laughter, confidence, and a good sense of humour. This went on for years as I didn’t realise you were nurturing me to do things I couldn’t control. You made me paranoid thinking people were looking and talking about me, which ended me up in jail where I was subjected to rape When I came out you found me again, to help me hide those nasty thoughts But the more you drank The angrier I became. Every bloke who stared at me, you wanted me to hurt them And most times I did. You made me hurt my family, friends, and relationships. You gave me guilt and regret. Well now I've found myself And I'm regaining what I thought id lost. A reason to live – “ME” My family, children, and my new family at Shardale. As long as I live, you will not! Goodbye Toxic Shame" Anonymous Service User

"You seduced me long before you became my lover. Whispering into my ear promises that were to become my doom. I gave you my strengths, you kissed back with weaknesses. I gave you my all!........... Lethal Lover Poem by Service User Read the whole poem 

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Shardale Ltd is regulated by the Care Quality Commission and has an overall rating of GOOD.

900+ Successful Completions

Shardale has achieved over 900 successful completions since opening in April 2010.

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