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Drug & Alcohol Addiction Treatment Planning

Every programme participant will have a comprehensive person-centred care plan tailored specifically to their individual need. The care plan is devised between the individual and their key worker, informed in part by the initial assessment. In addition to identified therapeutic goals, the care plan will also determine other aspects of the treatment plan such as frequency of progress reviews, estimated completion date, educational requirements, etc.

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Regular reviews by the key worker will enable the continual monitoring and co-ordination of a participant’s development and recovery throughout the treatment process.

Where there are mental health professionals involved, the Shardale programme will operate wherever possible, in tandem with any planned Care Programme Approach (CPA) objectives.

Formal reviews involving care managers and other associated professionals are convened as necessary to ensure that an individual’s progression is maintained throughout the programme including aftercare arrangements. The frequency of reviews will exceed the minimum 6 monthly recommendation of the CQC'S essential standards of quality and safety. Once inducted into the programme, every programme participant will have a copy of their agreed care plan which is kept in their personal development log, ensuring that they are able to reflect upon, monitor and plan their own treatment journey.

The care plan also includes a comprehensive aftercare plan based on each participant’s agreed support needs. This aftercare plan is agreed between the individual, their keyworker and care manager/funder, providing the best possible outcome for the programme graduate’s continuing recovery journey.

Aftercare support groups meet weekly and attendance can be for up to 12 months on completion of the Shardale programme.