Admission to Shardale Therapetic Community

When a person is admitted to a Shardale project they are, without delay, registered with the local general practitioner who will oversee their primary health care needs throughout their stay. Similarly if a liver function test or blood test screening is required, this will also be arranged. It is essential that an individual brings with them at least one week’s supply of any existing medication which is being prescribed by their own GP.

Shardale adheres to an equal opportunities policy to ensure that every individual participant is treated equally regardless of their gender, race, culture, sexual orientation, disability or religious belief. Programmes can be tailored to enable an individual to continue to observe their religious practices.

Care Quality Commission

Shardale Ltd is regulated by the Care Quality Commission and has an overall rating of GOOD.

900+ Successful Completions

Shardale has achieved over 900 successful completions since opening in April 2010.

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At assessment, individual needs, such as diet, cultural factors etc., will be identified and these will be continually reviewed throughout an individual’s stay to ensure that identified needs are being met. Similarly, the Shardale projects will always strive to accommodate those individuals with additional mobility needs and these requirements will be appraised during the initial assessment process.

Individuals who are accommodated at the Shardale projects will have their privacy and dignity respected at all times. Each person will have their own private storage areas for personal effects and clothes. Lockable facilities can be provided for valuables.

Shardale staff maintain strict confidentiality for every community member including appropriate storage, access and sharing of an individual’s personal information.

Participants at Shardale projects are screened for alcohol and/or illicit drug use on a frequent basis as a precautionary measure – for example on return from outside activities, home leave etc.