Treatment Personalisation

Personalisation Agenda at Shardale

The purpose of Shardale’s Personalisation Programme is to allow each programme participant to make informed treatment choices based on the philosophy that ultimately it is the individual who knows what their needs are. However, it is recognised and experience demonstrates, that in the early stages of their treatment journey, individuals will need support to make informed choices for themselves.

Shardale’s unique treatment programme consists of seven core values which are designed to underpin each individual’s recovery journey through the Shardale programme. The ultimate goal being to equip each course participant with the resources to function more productively in all aspects of their everyday life.

The seven core values are as follows –

1. Realisation and understanding, education - 4 months in total

2. Re-connection and communication - 9 months in total

3. Processing and Integration, psycho dynamic input - 4 months in total

Core values one and three run in parallel during the initial three month phase of treatment

4. Personal responsibility, Choice Theory - 2 months in total

5. Building resilience, relapse prevention - 3 months in total

6. Re-establishing order, practical everyday living support - 9 months in total

7. Consolidation, psycho educational input six times weekly, evening groups ongoing - 9 months in total based on identified individual need.

Within each core value there are specific exercises or assignments that evidence progression through the programme. These assignments are discussed and monitored by the key worker at two weekly key-working sessions. As already stated, a resident needs to be of sound physical, emotional, and psychological health before they can make informed decisions regarding their Personalisation Programme.

Running along-side the core programme is an out-of-hours psycho-educational programme which takes place daily from 7pm – 8.15pm. This has been designed to compliment the core values and also to meet any unmet needs. The out of hours psycho educational programme consists of 84 topics which rotate on a three monthly basis. The result is a programme which enables a course participant to meet identified need more efficiently and promptly.

Within the initial phase of treatment (first three months), the individual must attend all evening psycho-educational groups as a mandatory aspect of the treatment journey. This process is closely monitored within key-worker sessions.

Care Quality Commission

Shardale Ltd is regulated by the Care Quality Commission and has an overall rating of GOOD.

900+ Successful Completions

Shardale has achieved over 900 successful completions since opening in April 2010.

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