shardales admission policy

Shardale's Admissions Policy

It is a legal requirement (Community Care Act LAC (93) 7, paragraph 8) that potential course participants must undertake an assessment by the placing local authority prior to assessment at Shardale.

Once the initial referral has been received the Admissions Team will ensure that a comprehensive assessment is undertaken within two working days. The assessment will examine pertinent issues such as -

Past and current alcohol misuse history

Current family status


Funding arrangements

Legal position

Current and past psychological and emotional functioning.

Suitability for the treatment programme

Dependency screening

Housing situation

Educational background

Past treatment efforts

Treatment recommendations

regulated by the care quality commission
435 successful service user leaving Shardale
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Following the assessment a decision will be made regarding whether the needs of the individual can be met within the community. If appropriate, the individual will be asked to join us and spend a full treatment day within the community. This provides an opportunity for the prospective participant to ask questions and gain an understanding about the treatment process.

Following the visit of the individual the decision as to whether the programme can meet the person’s needs will be considered based on feed-back from both residents and staff as well as the Admissions Team member’s one to one assessment. Once a decision has been made to offer a place then the applicant will liaise with the Admissions Team and an admission date will be agreed (offers are subject to bed availability and admission dates may on occasion for operational reasons have to be re-negotiated).

Funding agreements must be approved by the referring local authority, or for privately funded placement by the fee payer, prior to admission.

It is a requirement that a person must be alcohol and drug free on date of admission. Individuals must have completed either a reduction programme or a residential/community detox prior to arriving. No applicant will be admitted to the programme without completion of the relevant contracts being signed.

The programme is entirely voluntary and no one will be made to stay in the community against their will. Individuals are free to leave the programme at any point if they feel this to be necessary. Those most likely to benefit from the programme are individuals who have demonstrated a committed degree of motivation and engagement with community based services prior to joining us at Shardale.