aftercare for drug and alcohol rehabilitation

After Care Treatment

Any Shardale programme participant who successfully completes their treatment care plan is on completion eligible to attend the weekly aftercare support group. This group is facilitated by a Shardale staff member and is offered for a period of up to twelve months. The focus of the support group is to facilitate the opportunity for ongoing peer support in the wider community.

regulated by the care quality commission
435 successful service user leaving Shardale
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The aftercare group provides the opportunity to:

share positive and negative feelings

reduce feelings of isolation

monitor anxiety levels

build on self-esteem and confidence

encourage and support each other

discuss educational and employment issues

explore family dynamics

share experiences which support an abstinent and productive life style

continue to experience the benefits associated with the ‘fellowship’ of others.

receive and give feedback on the emotional and psychological well-being of self and others.

relapse prevention/relapse indicators.

discuss housing and money issues.

Access to the aftercare support group requires participants to continue to adhere to the codes of conduct which they abided by during their initial treatment programme – this also includes maintaining abstinence. Shardale staff team members have the discretion to prevent an individual from accessing the aftercare support group where codes of conduct have been breached.